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Billing Questions

Who owns the rights to the project once it's completed?
Once the final payment is received, you will retain 100% ownership of the completed project and receive an archive with our work source files.

What about maintenance and updates after the project goes live?
We can work with you to continually update your intro, site or presentation cd. For regular changes we offer monthly or annual maintenance contracts. For only ocasional changes will charge you by the hour.

After the project goes live, what do I do if there is a technical problem with it?
Contact us. The project manager you worked with will reply shortly. If the problem is caused by bad programming from our part we'll promptly fix it free of charge. If the problem lies within a third party like your hosting provider we can assist you in getting in touch with them to resolve the problem.

How do I make my business known on the Internet?
Start submitting your site to search engines and directories. Make sure your site is listed in as many as possible related sites. The more external sites have links pointing to your own site, the more "popular" it will become. Popularity plays a major role in how search engines rank your pages.

When will my site appear in the search engines?
Search engines usually start showing results from newly submitted sites within 1 month of submission.

Can you make it so my website appears in the top 10 of web search results?
We design all sites keeping search engine optimization in mind, but we can't guarantee top 10 results. In the long run the best thing you can do is making sure you're providing useful content for your visitors. Search engines are getting "smarter" all the time and are starting to rank pages according to their real value.
Stay away from companies offering you top 10 listings by inserting various things in your pages like meta keywords. Such things are useless nowadays.

There are not that many flash websites within top 10 search results...
True. Even though search engines parse and index text content from flash pages they "prefer" more the html pages. You can make your flash site search engine friendly by adding a html version of your content especially designed for search engines and for users having the flush plugin turned off or not installed.

Will I be able to view my project as it is being developed?
Yes. From the clients area you'll be able to monitor your project progress during all development stages.

How long will it take you to finish my project?
On average we finish flash intros within 1 week, flash websites within 2-4 weeks, flash presentations cds within 2-4 weeks. These estimates may vary according to your project specifications.

I am interested, what do I need to do next/what is the process?
Email us your project requirements and you'll receive our free estimation within 1 or 2 business days. If we agree on project budget and timeline we'll create an account for you in our clients area. From there you'll be able to monitor your project progress during all development stages.

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