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Do you redesign or clean up poorly designed or outdated sites?
Yes. We can redesign existing sites and add new functionalities if necesarry.

How does Flopen complete my project?
We evaluate your needs and identify the exact goals your project should achive. Based on this, we determine the project requirements and functionalities. Our design team will work with you to create 2 or more graphical layouts versions of how the project will look like in the end. Knowing the exact projects requirements, functionalities and final layout version actual programming can begin. Once work is completed and you're satisifed with the end result we'll send you an archive with our work source files.

How many people within your flash development firm are involved in the development of my project?
At least 3: one project manager setting the overall strategy, overseeing the project and keeping you up to date, one graphic designer, one programmer. The number of graphic artists and programmers varies based on the project size and time frame.

Are your projects compatible across different operating systems and browsers?
Yes. We make sure our projects are viewed the same from Windows, Linux and Mac using browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Netscape and Opera.
There is one exception to the above: when a client requires some sort of functionality that simply is not available on certain operating systems and browsers. For example, our own flash intro builder Flashberry.com can only be used with Internet Explorer cause at the time the project was done this browser was the only one supporting 2 way communication between javascript and flash.

Many visitors won't be able to view my newly created flash site...
False. According to Macromedia latest survey conducted in September 2005, 97.3% of all internet users have the flash player installed.

Flash content takes quite some time to load...
It used to. Going from html to flash is not necessary a win-win situation. Flash shouldn't be used in all projects. Most of the time flash pages are larger then their html counterparts. They are larger for one good reason: they contain lots of additional information not contained in simple html pages. Internet connection are becoming faster and faster nowdays and this isn't much of a problem as it used to be.
You should always have a skip button or something simillar making sure you're not forcing visitors to load content they didn't asked for. You can have a html version of your site for the smaller and smaller number of dial-up users outhere.

Can I see some sample projects created by Flopen?
Please do. Just visit the Porfolio section.

Will I be able to view my project as it is being developed?
Yes. From the clients area you'll be able to monitor your project progress during all development stages.

How long will it take you to finish my project?
On average we finish flash intros within 1 week, flash websites within 2-4 weeks, flash presentations cds within 2-4 weeks. These estimates may vary according to your project specifications.

I am interested, what do I need to do next/what is the process?
Email us your project requirements and you'll receive our free estimation within 1 or 2 business days. If we agree on project budget and timeline we'll create an account for you in our clients area. From there you'll be able to monitor your project progress during all development stages.

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